How to take care of a Pekingese dog and its explanation

Atari Press – The Pekingese dog or also known as the Peking dog is related to the Lamaists of Buddhism in China. Where the lion is considered a symbol of the glory or majesty of Buddhism. And this Pekingese dog is a miniature of the lion itself. Foo’s dogs were then born with a resemblance to a lion. From there, this dog was also known as the lion dog.


Through the use of genetic technology, scientists have shown that the existence of the Pekingese dog is a very ancient type of dog. This dog has been around for about 5,000 years. Where at this time it also coincided with the appearance of the oldest breed of dog called Tibetan or Great Dane in parts of Europe. Until about 2000 years ago, this dog became a god as the noblest dog, where this dog was only allowed to stay in a luxurious palace in the last generation. Ordinary people when they see this dog are forced to squat. And if there are people who steal this type of dog, that person will be executed immediately.

At that time, this Pekingese dog was a symbol of luxury and of the noble lineage of its owner. For more than 2000 years, the Pekingese dog has been extremely rare. This dog was not known to have been in the West until 1860, as it was learned when the British Army attacked Beijing Palace. This army found five Pekingese dogs (which are only mentioned in the legend) and then brought them back to England. The two dogs were also given to the Duke of Wellington, and two more were also given to the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. And the rest was then given to Queen Victoria and the dog was called Looty.

At that time, this type of dog was very rare, so many people tried to smuggle it out of China. It was therefore only in the 1890s (when China was invaded by the West) that the New Pekingese were brought in large numbers to Europe because they would serve as very precious gifts to the nobility of the time. This type of dog has been widely developed and widely adopted in all walks of life in all parts of the world.

How to take care

This Pekingese dog needs intensive care for his coat. That is why you should spend time every day combing your hair so that the hair and hair do not get tangled. Care should be taken in places where this type of dog does not bathe as much as possible, as this can damage the structure of the coat. You can use dry dog ​​shampoo to regularly clean the coat and hair. However, if you feel that the dog is very dirty and smelly, you can bathe him with a special shampoo every two weeks. Also note that you should not touch your eyes, as the eyes are a very sensitive area.

In addition, this dog can also be kicked out because its position is slightly outward. It is best that you have this dog and do not mix it with other types of dogs. Because if you are invited to play or fight, Pekingese eyes are easy to hurt or even dislodge.

Climate adaptation

This Pekingese can adapt well to cold, cool climates. In the meantime, for a summer like Indonesia, which is quite hot, you have to have a solution to avoid the heat and / or reduce the heat. The solution is to take the dog to play in a shady place, put it in an air-conditioned room, give it a cold bath or even give it ice cream in summer. When you want to do activities in the area, you should do it in the morning or in the evening. Pekingese dogs can adapt well to the cold because they have a thick double coat. So you don’t need to give them warm clothes for the winter. But you have to prevent the dog from lying down on the cold ground.

Source: flora and fauna