MAD DASH SLOT By NektanDuring 2010, the online casino world was struggling with its pace to get maximum strength on each one of their theming games. Different gamming slots played their role in seeking attention of the existing as well as new players to be the part of this stream. The developers and the casino website owners brainstormed every possible theme and brought ideas to present them to the world. See this site where you can find Nektan online casinos with the best and newest online slot games. In November 2010 micro-gaming online casino was hit by a new and wonderful idea of Mad Dash micro-gaming slot which added a huge number into the strength of online casino players. Mad Dash slot included pay-lines, wild symbol along with Mad Dash bonus features.

A 4 wheeler race between hare, fox and tortoise is the most interesting feature of Mad Dash Bonus. When three, four or five coin symbols rolls by a single spin, this bonus feature is triggered. This feature then leads you to select quad bike, racer and course to select one of them for race. The winner is awarded with 25 free spins while 15 spins are awarded to second position and 10 to the third place.

One of the best feature of this gaming slot is that it often hits the bonus round. The game is simple to play and easy enough to win 25 free spins while picking the first place racer but usually finishes with 15 or 10 free spins.

The game is best choice to start learning the casino world. It shows how to win bonus round and then how to win in the bonus round. Mad Dash started earning a huge web traffic after its launch and the count still goes on day by day.

Learn about New Microgaming Casinos

In the present, players have the need of being updated with every new game. No matter where you are, or if it late or early there will be always time to play. And with that purpose it was created the amazing idea and software of microgaming and casinos online. Although there have always existed casinos, it is better to play and bet on casinos through the internet. That is why it has been developed many companies to create different and new ways of playing; and microgaming is one of those.

What is microgaming? Microgaming is a software which was created in 1994 with the idea of develop new changes on the regular games. Casinos online, due to the existence of many people and players, had the need of using this new software with the intention of attracting new gamers.But this software is not only used on casinos, it is also used by well-trusted betting sites around the world. Additionally, microgaming software has the best options on games and slots, including at least 200 different slots games and every month this software release new games. Thus, casinos online will never be disappointed for players.

As said before, microgaming software on casinos is almost dedicated to slots games, but that is not all. These slots games are constantly classified by their type of game and the amount of money required to be played. According to the type, there are 3 categories: microgaming Video Slots, Reel slots and the progressive slots. And depending on the amount, there are other categories: all the slots accept Penny but they change on the roller, if it is lower or a higher roller. But no matter what type of slots you choose, microgaming software will always offer many and different themes for every game.