If there is one sizeable and major difference between online casinos these days, it would certainly be the number of slot machines there are on offer, and exactly what these slot machines payout. Useful reference to find the best casino sites with slot machines and big casino bonuses.

Some online casinos offer slot machines with massive jackpots – such as the $10,000,000 potential prize at one major online casino. Others, however, choose to go for a more conservative payout, and choose to award this prize more often than the seldom hit “massive bucket of cash”.

What is the overall effect of all these differences? Well, if you stand back and take a look from a commentator’s perspective, the result is a fairly competitive market, as well as a very high potential for profit in any particular online casino.

There really is only one place where you can take this viewpoint. It is, of course, the world of online slot machines. If we were to look at real world, physical slot machines, we would clearly see that there is much less variety, and therefore not as much appeal for people to play slot machines than if they were to go online and seek the same entertainment, only in electronic form.

Who Created Them?

So who actually created online slot machines, and are there still more being programmed as we read / write? As you might have expected, online slot machines are not programmed by the casino which hosts them, but instead an external company which then on sells them to a particular online casino – sometimes requiring additional licensing or some type of additional arrangement.

This is actually a very good system, as it means that online casinos can focus on customer service, marketing, and so on, whilst an external party is programming and creating online slot machines and making them available in a turnkey solution.

As we have discussed previously on this website, slot machine creators continue to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to online slot machine programs and games. By including such things as bonus features, complex and sophisticated payout tables, and the like – players are in for a whole heap of fun if they sign up to an online casino and bet a few dollars here and there.

Remember – everything in moderation folks! You don’t want to overdo it, especially in these tough times. So kick back, and have a bit of fun next time you play an online slot machine at an Internet based casino.