Slots are some of the most popular online casinos games that are played. Many sites specialize in only offering slots to players, while almost all casino sites offer at least one game of slots alongside their larger selections of games.

What you might not know about online slots is that each online site does not design and create their own slots games. Instead, they license out the permission to use games made by online gaming companies. One of the largest providers of these online games for casinos is Playtech PLC.

Sites with these games you can find if you visit this website.


Playtech licenses slots and other games to online and physical casinos in more than 20 countries worldwide. While this might not seem like a wildly significant amount of nations, you have to remember that most online casinos are hosted in a few specific countries around the world with more relaxed rules about online gambling.

It’s not only real money slots that are made and licensed by Playtech PLC. The company also makes slots for free-to-play gaming websites, although they are still paid the licensing fee no matter if the games are free or real money.

As of 2016, there are more than 600 official Playtech slots games being played around the world on thousands of online casino platforms! Beyond this, there are a number of open source games that can attribute their designs to Playtech.


Here are a few of the most popular Playtech online slots games:

  • Little Britain:
    This slot takes its name from a British comedy show of the same name. The characters of the show appear in the slot, making it a lot of fun for you to play.
  • Funky Fruits Farm:
    Extra bonus games, new symbols, and fun new ways to play the traditional slots makes this a popular option for many online players.
  • Iron Man:
    If you like progressive jackpots, you’ll be happy to hear that this movie-based slot ends up with more frequent jackpot winners than many other slots.
  • High Way Kings:
    You’ll have a higher chance of getting a winning combination with this slots game, as you can match sets from left to right or from top to bottom.
  • Pink Panther: Bonus games, surprise extra games, and a double jackpot are some of the features that attract a lot of people to play Pink Panther slots games.